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THS have a full range of glassfibre, aramid, silica and ceramic fabrics which have been specially developed for use in Thermal Protection. There are many different types of fabrics that are produced in a variety of weights, widths, weave patterns and treatments. Fabrics range from lightweight scrims for insulation cement reinforcement, through medium grades for jacket and mattress manufacture up to heavyweight textured fabrics for heavy duty insulation protection.

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glass fabric

The range of glass fibre woven fabrics is the most extensive one. Fabrics are produced from both continuous filament fibres and where additional insulation values are required, from texturised yarns. THS’s vast range of woven fabrics starts as light as 50g/m2 and can be produced up to 3000g/m2. Wire reinforced glass cloths are also produced where additional strength/integrity is required.

Although sold in their raw state (loomstate), most of these fabrics will undergo further treatments to enhance specific characteristics, there are a number of standard finishes that are applied, please see the treatments page for more information.

Continuous Filament

Continuous Filament

Contiuous Filament Yarn

Continuous Filament

Continuous Filament Yarn twisted with a stainless steel wire

  • Fibres undisturbed
  • Resulting cloth has sillky appearance and is smooth to touch
  • Most widely used fibre in our range

Texturised Glass Cloths

Texturised Glass Cloths

Textured Yarn

Textured Yarn

Textured Yarn twisted with a stainless steel wire

  • Fibres have been disturbed and broken laterally
  • Produces a loftier yarn
  • Better insulation characteristics

Pure ceramic fibre cannot be processed into a textile without the aid of a reinforcement. THS offer textiles with either fibreglass or wire reinforcement. Ceramic fibre withstands temperature in excess of 1000˚C, but the working temperature is obviously affected by which carrier is used.

  • Continuous temperature with wire 1000oC
  • Continuous temperature with glassfibre 550oC
  • Good insulation properties.

Applications Include: Heavy duty mattresses, refractory work.


THS�aramid range is produced from fibres without the addition of mineral staple or glassfibre. These fabrics have excellent mechanical strength allowing very good personal protection.

Most of the standard coatings can be applied to our aramid range, and they can also be laminated to a raised cotton backing. The raised cotton backing gives additional insulation and a softer feel to the skin.

  • Very high tensile strength
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Very good abrasion resistance

Applications Include: All forms of protective clothing, gaskets, belting. Other fabrics are used in this industry - please enquire with our sales office to establish other materials available.


The high temperature resistance of silica is achieved by chemically and thermally treating glassfibre product. In the course of this treatment the glassfibres are converted into silica with, in the standard product range, an SiO2 content of 94% - 96%. It is possible to produce material which has an SiO2 content of 98%.

  • Continuous temperature resistance, greater than 1000oC
  • Melting point 1600oC
  • Resistant to most chemicals, except for phosphoric acid, hydrofluoric acid and strong alkalies
  • No skin irritation
  • Harmless to health

Applications Include: Insulation jackets, insulation mattresses, welding protection, furnace curtains, molten metal protection.