Maybe you have a boiler to seal; some pipes to lag; a silencer to wrap; or an application requiring high temperature caulking? There will be an answer among our range of ancillary products, and we will be pleased to advise.

Laggings offer an extremely efficient method of insulating pipe work and dependent on the temperature required, this product is produced from both glass and ceramic. Rope laggings are "soft" products are also used in a variety of sealing and caulking applications.

As an alternative to rope laggings, twisted yarn is offered which is a versatile product with good dimensional stability.

Twisted yarn again can be used for sealing and is an extremely versatile product that has good dimensional stability. Available in a wide range of diameters, from 3mm up to 30mm.

With the majority of our products being converted into other items, such as insulation jackets, mattresses, acoustic mats, compensators, bellows, fire blankets and the list goes on and on, we offer a wide range of sewing threads. There are many, many and again it is dependant on the temperature and strength that is required.

With all these products please contact our sales office for details and they will advise the materials that are most suitable to your requirements.

Threads are available for machine or hand sewing, in plain glassfibre or coated glassfibre, aramid or stainless steel - we will gladly help you select the best one which is suited to your product and application.

Packings can be produced in a number of ways. To achieve a hard packing it is usual to braid over a hard core (often a braid itself) and this gives a good seal for heavy-duty applications. Softer versions are available and these are determined by what is used as the core. These packings are still described as hard packings (compared to laggings they are extremely hard), but with a core it is more compressible.

A knitted version can also be produced. This product is softer than a braided one and is extremely flexible. It is generally suited for sealing in static applications and is often used as a seal for domestic fires. For cosmetic purposes these packings can be produced in black.

Needlemat is an extremely good insulating material and has low thermal conductivity. With the product being available in a number of thicknesses and densities and either produced from glass or silica fibres most insulation needs can be dealt with. Due to the needling process the mechanical strength is extremely good compared with many other insulating membranes.

Woven tapes for insulation and protection can be produced again from our core fibres i.e. glass, silica, aramid and ceramic. The most extensive range is produced from glassfibre and covers webbing and ladder tapes for insulation applications as well as jointing tapes for electrical purposes and for the joining of rigid insulation boards. There are many, many widths available and are produced in standard thicknesses of 2mm, 3mm and 5mm. If the application requires tapes that are suitable for high temperatures than tapes using ceramic and silica fibres are used. For additional strength glass tapes can be produced with a wire reinforcement or for extremely tough application tapes from aramid fibre may be the answer.